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Introduction by Stewart Collingswood (founder and MD)

I founded Alba 13 years ago. Disillusioned after running a software company, I took to the hills in search of inspiration, armed with a notebook and a few ideas, I wrote down everything I loved: fishing, photography, Scotland, beautiful locations, food, whisky, heritage, e-procurement and tourism. Not an obvious combination, you might think, but it led to the formation of a new concept, a company delivering one of Scotland’s most sought after pursuits and one that embraces all the concepts sketched out 13 years ago on that hilltop.Since 2004 we have hosted thousands of guests from all over the world on fishing trips, corporate events and mixed vacations throughout Scotland. Our passion for Scotland remains strong, and as well as running our business we like to think of ourselves as ambassadors for this wonderful country. If you’ve never been here, Scotland is a very friendly (and safe) country for guests to visit, and you’ll find our people are genuine, helpful, passionate and enthusiastic.

When Alba Game Fishing started it was a bold move and it was 6 months before the business started to materialise. We pioneered a new type of fishing trip in in Scotland. We complemented fishing days, vacations and trips and with good food, photography and a focus on customer service. We set out to offer the best of Scottish fishing from Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, Aberdeen, Inverness and the Scottish Highlands. This led to entertaining hundreds of groups from all over the world including the Poet Laureate, Open Golf winner Louis Oosthuizen, the South Africa rugby team and the CEO of Gazprom.

Catering and a Typical Fishing Lunch Menu

Alba Game Fishing will cook your lunch while you are fishing. Our fishing lunches are served in river or loch-side huts or al-fresco amidst beautiful scenery. Nearly all our ingredients are Organic and locally sourced, to give a true taste of Scotland and the wonderful artisan food producers we have here..

No foam or pretence – Just delicious honest food

My aim was to achieve simplicity, an attention to detail, locally sourced ingredients and no compromise on quality. To create a lunch that is healthy, tasty and represents the great Scottish produce that is on offer.

  • Boeuf bourguignon, Aberdeen Angus beef slow cooked in red wine with minted peas and sautéed organic potatoes.
  • Fragrant Thai red curry with Coconut, Lemongrass, Galangal, fresh lime, coriander and basil. Served with papads and steamed wild basmati rice.
  • Wild Highland Venison with tangelo, cranberry and port reduction and served with steamed greens and potatoes.
  • Borders organic shoulder of lamb slow cooked in Moroccan spices. Fresh tomatoes, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, ginger and organic dried fruit. Served with couscous or basmati wild rice.
  • Trout slow baked with Tuscan Olive oil organic lemon and bay leaf, fresh tomato salsa.
  • Cullen Skink, traditional haddock chowder with undyed smoked Haddock, cream, parsley and organic potatoes.
  • (Light bite) Fresh soups prepared in a Vita Mix blender using 100% organic ingredients, served with Bruschetta on sour dough bread

To capture the memories of your trip, we invested heavily in quality camera gear. We adopted a full frame Nikon system with prime lenses, to capture peoples memories and experiences. After your fishing trip, corporate fishing day or vacation, these images are shared on Dropbox.