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The best fishing near Gleneagles

Best Rivers and Lochs for Fishing near Gleneagles



River Tay, salmon fishing, Scone Palace
Happy Guests Fishing the Tay near Gleneagles



Gleneagles is a stunning resort in Scotland, but perhaps you want to look beyond the trout fishing ponds they offer?



We have a team of guides who live close to Gleneagles and over 15 years we regularly pick up guests and take them on exciting fishing day excursions. We provide everything, premium tackle, luxury transport in Land Rover Discovery HSE or a new Volvo XC90, Orvis breathable Waders, boots with tungsten studs, we carry all sizes, men, women and children. We can also enhance your fishing day with hot cooked lunches, whisky tasting and pro-photography.



An Alba Guide assists a client salmon Fishing on the Earn.



The River Earn - 25 minutes away



This is a hidden gem of a river and runs in to the Tay estuary, if you enjoy fishing smaller rivers and the Tay is a bit imposing in its size, this is a superb option. It offer trout, salmon and sea trout fishing. Salmon fishing peaks in Autumn here, however fish can be caught all year. It fishes best when the river has risen, and is then falling back. This is optimum conditions for the Earn. It's a fly fishers dream, with lovely seams and glides and pools that are decorated with beautiful surrounding scenery and tranquility.



The Earn is also a great sea trout river, and 2019 saw great improvements in numbers.



River Tay - Salmon Fishing 30 minutes away



The River Tay is not just one of the most iconic salmon rivers in the world, it's home to the current UK record salmon and offers a variety of salmon and trout fishing breaks throughout its length.



We can fish anywhere on the river, and choose beats depending on conditions and the time of year.



Scone palace fishings are stunning and easily accessed from Gleneagles. This is a 5 star salmon fishing experience set on a stunning private stretch of the river belonging to Scone Palace, the crowning place for Scottish Kings.



River Tay, salmon fishing, Scone Palace
Salmon anglers get ready for a day of fishing on the River Tay



Head Gillie Iain Kirk at the beat works along side Alba Guides and assist with casting instruction and tackle advice. Iain is a member of the pro-team for Scott Mackenzie fly rods, and you can try any of Scott's rods while fishing here with Alba.



This salmon fishing beat is also ideal if non-anglers want to join the party for the day as it offers stunning scenic riverside walks and a well appointed wooden cabin, overlooking the river to enjoy, lunch, refreshments and shelter from the rain. On colder days the wood burning stove gets lit.



If you prefer to spin cast, then you can also enjoy fishing this beat, again we provide premium Daiwa Whisker Salmon rods and Penn reels, with a variety of the most successful River Tay fishing lures.



Kinross Trout Fishery - 40 minutes away



Located in central Scotland and within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Gleneagles is Kinross Trout Fishery. This has become one of Scotland's premier trout fisheries and offer fishing across 4 lochs on a 10 acre site. What sets Kinross aside from other is the superb management of the venue, it offers so much.



fishing guide Scotland, Alba Game Fishing, George Dale,
George, a happy Alba Fishing Guide



Kinross Trout fishery is ideal for beginners or experts. We have used this trout fishery for many Corporate Fishing events and Team Building days. You can catch Golden Trout, Blue Trout, Wild Loch Leven brown trout and rainbow trout here.



Wild brown trout, brown trout, river tweed, fishing trips,
A specimen brown trout



Kinross also allows guests to try Float Tube Fishing and owner Gary will advise and assist guests f they are trying this for the first time. Indeed first timer can get free hire of the tube, and all they do is bring waders.



Children are welcome at Kinross, and as well as supporting Children's charities, Kinross will not charge for under 16's. This is fantastic to encourage children to the sport.



Fly fishing lessons with Alba pro-guide at Kinross. You can catch golden trout, rainbows and blues. Ideal for beginners and fly fishing lessons
Alba pro-guide Steve helping a client learn to fly fish



Kinross offer sustainable fishing. If you wish to spin cast for trout, then this is available in a separate loch, with single barbless hooks. Alba can provide premium tackle such as the Orvis Helios range of fly rods, and hand tied "secret weapon" flies, that really work at this venue.



Lake of Menteith - Trout Fishing - 50 mins from Gleneagles



"The Lake" is one of Scotland few lakes! (we call them lochs) This is a world class trout fishery. This is a shallow lake, 700 cares in size and home to National Fly fishing Championships in Scotland as well as many other competitions. There are 34 superb boats on the Lake, all equipped with. outboards, oars, landing net and drogue. The Lake is stocked weekly and evenly distributed by boat and the trout are reared by Menteith staff.



Like most venue, you really need to have a guide with you, he will help you fish the correct spots and choose the right flies. Most of our Lake of Menteith guides are also Scottish Internationalist fly fisherman, like John and Graeme.



Trout flies, secret weapons, fly box, Alba Game Fishing
Choose carefully, time is precious



Orchil Trout Fishery - 20 minutes away



This small fishery offers trout fishing in a lovely setting for rainbow, brown and blue trout. The fish can be a bit tricky to catch at times, but we never seem to struggle. It's about having the right flies and techniques. The fish are free rising and plentiful.



It's a great venue for those with mobility issues, you can drive right to the water side and there are no steps or hidden surprises.



rainbow trout, trout fishing scotland, fishing near Edinburgh, catch and release
Rainbow Trout