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The best lochs and rivers in Scotland for fishing

Best Rivers and Lochs for Fishing near Edinburgh, Scotland

Your time is precious, so if you’re planning a fishing holiday in Scotland, we can help. We have delivered fishing trips in Scotland for fourteen years and offer guided days or vacations for Salmon, Trout, Sea Trout, Pike and Saltwater Species. This blog piece highlights the best fishing spots in Scotland, UK and those that are within easy reach of popular towns and cities such as St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness, Dundee, and Perth.

To begin with here is a summary of the main rivers in Scotland and their length:

  1. River Tay 193 km (120 miles)
  2. River Spey 172 km (107 miles)
  3. River Clyde 171 km (106 miles)
  4. River Tweed 156 km (97 miles)
  5. River Dee 137 km (85 miles)
  6. River Don 132 km (82 miles)
  7. River Nith 112 km (71 miles)
  8. River Forth 105 km (65 miles)
  9. River Findhorn 101 km (63 miles)
  10. River Deveron 98 km (61 miles)
  11. River Annan 79 km (49 miles)

The best river to fish, very much depends on what time of year and what conditions you are fishing in. Different rivers peak at different times, and the seasons are changing. The River Tweed for example, used to enjoy prolific Autumn runs of salmon, this year (2019) there were very few fish fish entered the system after August.

As well as a team of 18 expert fly fishing guides locate throughout Scotland, we use the very best fishing tackle and provide access to a portfolio of the best fishing spots. Not only can we plan your fishing itinerary, based on individual needs. Book fishing accommodation and arrange transport.

If you are looking to fly fish or spin cast for big pike, we have one of the best pike lochs in Scotland, near Edinburgh and offer guided fishing for small or large groups or corporate fishing events. This is a private fishing venue, on a private estate, not open to the public, so fishing pressure is kept low and thankfully, there are always people at the venue and gamekeepers patroling the loch to keep a close eye on poaching.

Pike fishing, near Outlander film location, fishing trips, best pike fishing, pike lochs, fishing guide, near Edinburgh, Edinburgh fisheries, Scotland, Alba Game Fishing
It’s a Family Affair. Fishing trip with Alba Game Fishing

Not far from this pike loch is the River Tweed, one of the most prolific salmon rivers in Scotland. The River Tweed also offers fantastic spring fly fishing for trout, summer fishing for sea trout, Autumn fishing for salmon and winter fishing for Grayling. I and most of my guides have fished the River Tweed since we were children, you will benefit from our knowledge and experience. There are some very big trophy trout to be caught in the spring, April and May being the best months. In June it is worth fishing at night for Sea Trout. The river produces salmon all year, however, in the Autumn months, September, October and November, huge numbers of salmon enter the system and the Rover Tweed is one of the few rivers currently offering salmon fishing in Scotland in November. The salmon season on the Tweed commences on 1st of February and runs through to the 30th of November, with salmon fishing from Monday through to Saturday (no Sunday allowed)

Winter Grayling, Grayling, Fishing, River Tweed, Tungsten Bugs, Orvis Helios 2, Alba Game Fishing, Lady of the Stream, New Zealand Strike Indicator
The River Tweed allows you to also catch Grayling in the Winter

Best Fishing Rivers and Lochs near Perth

River Tay fishing, salmon flies, Spey Casting, Fishing Guide, salmon fishing holidays Scotland, Springer, best salmon rivers
Atlantic Salmon River Tay
5050onthewater, ladies fishing, River Isla, River Tay, big Salmon, Fly Fishing, Catch and release, Springer, Tay Catch returns, Atlantic Salmon
A fresh River Isla Spring Salmon

The River Tay is one of the finest salmon rivers in Scotland and the UK. It is also the largest river in Scotland at 117miles. The salmon season on the River Tay runs from 15th January to 15th October and fish can be caught throughout the year, with no Sunday fishing.  Alba offers guided fly fishing and spin casting salmon trips on the Tay, on a number of select beats. Spey Casting tuition can be taught by our SGAIC or AAPGAI qualified casting instructors. We can provide transport, accommodation, tackle, and pro-photography on these days.

River Earn, Lochlane and Laggan, salmon fishing, Spey Casting, Atlantic Salmon, salmon flies, fishing, gleneagles, Scotland, Orvis fishing guides
River Earn At Lochlane and Laggan

If you are looking for reasonably priced and productive salmon fishing in Autumn in Scotland, the River Earn should not be overlooked. This is one of the main tributaries of the Tay and has superb runs of Autumn salmon and sea trout. It’s the closest salmon river to Gleneagles Hotel and non anglers have plenty to do nearby such as the unmissable Drummond Gardens.

River Tay, salmon guide, scotland, orvis endorsed guide, salmon fishing scotland
The beauty of the lower River Tay in summer

Alba has access to a wild brown trout fishing loch situated about 35 minutes north of Perth, This is a limestone loch, which produces prolific insect life and therefore huge wild brown trout. Access to this fishing loch, is by 4×4 vehicle only and we can take you to the lochside in a luxury Land Rover Discovery HSE.

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Trout Fishing north of Perth
Wild brown trout, Perthshire lochs, Alba Game Fishing, trout, catch and release
Holding the boat in a drift

Best Fishing Rivers and Lochs near Glasgow

Alba have access to a private trout fishery near Glasgow, which offers Wild Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout fishing all year round(Rainbow’s all year). The is one of the best trout lochs near Glasgow and easy reach of the Airport and Glasgow hotels. This is an ideal loch for fly fishing lessons for beginners and casting tuition. It’s also possible to serve magnificent al-fresco fishing lunches beside the loch with first-class outdoor catering. We have hosted many luxury fishing experiences here and corporate fishing events, as well as small groups and family fishing days.

Wild Brown Trout, trout fishing, Scotland, best fishing spots, best trout fishery, fishing guide, trout fishing near Glasgow, Orvis UK, Alba Game Fishing, fishing holidays Scotland, Fishing Vacations, best trout flies, Wild Trout techniques, Trout fishing holidays in Scotland
Stunning scenery at the Trout Loch near Glasgow

Best Fly Fishing Rivers near Aberdeen

Aberdeen is famous for salmon fishing in the River Dee and the River Don, however, there are many other fishing venues available in Aberdeenshire. A short drive west of Aberdeen there is a stunning fly fishing loch, that is an ideal venue for corporate fishing events and outdoor hospitality. We have hosted many successful fly fishing days here, mainly for complete beginners. Professional fishing guides and casting instructors are on hand to offer tuition and fly fishing lessons

corporate fishing day, fishing event, corporate hospitality, outdoors, gourmet outdoor catering, Incentive days outdoors
Trout Fishing near Aberdeen on a corporate fishing event

Best wild brown trout Fishing near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands

The Inverness area offers a wealth of angling opportunities. Salmon fishing on the River Ness is the closest salmon fishing to Inverness with the river running right through the town centre. This is a short river, 6 miles long and flows out of the North end of Loch Ness. Yes, there are some monsters to be caught, but not Nessie.  Salmon can be caught in the Spring and April and May are productive months.

With over 30,000 lochs in Scotland, you can imagine it’s hard to whittle down your choice to the best trout fishing loch in the Highlands of Scotland. You do worse than fish Loch Eye, a shallow loch that barely gets deeper than 8ft, it holds some of the finest wild brown trout in Scotland, and on its day can deliver outstanding fly fishing on the surface with dry flies and palmered patterns on the “pull”

brown trout, Inverness, Orvis Helios, Alba Game Fishing, Hidden Gems, trout fishing Scotland
Wild Brown Trout on a dry fly

North of Inverness there is also a huge choice of salmon fishing rivers. None could be more perfect than the River Alness, this is a small spate river, draining into the Cromarty Firth and if the conditions are right and there is good water, the fishing throughout this scenic river can be fast and furious.

The River Shin is one of the finest salmon rivers in Scotland and similar in size to the Alness. An ideal salmon rod for this would be a 10-12ft switch rod, as this will help you target the small pockets of water that hold fish. Casting can be tricky and you need to be accurate and be careful not to spook fish.

There are other notable rivers north of Inverness in the Highlands, the River Conon is one of my favourites. As the Conon is fed by a Hydro system with regular outflows of water, this can be a great river when there isn’t much rain about, as it’s flow is regulated and more constant.

River Alness, River Shin, River Conon, fishing guide, pike, trout, sea trout, salmon, SGAIC casting instructor, Spey Casting tuition, events, disclosure Scotland, First Aid trained
Summer Salmon fishing on the Conon.